FJ Meeting – June 15th 2012


Just a quick note to update folks on the meeting today.  We had a bring and share feast of sorts which involved lots of hummus and some delicious cake from Jo!  We talked about writing PhDs, supervision arrangements, time management, sophisticated work avoidance strategies, finding the love of the PhD/yourself even when it’s hard and vented some stress about looking for work or current work scenarios.

There was some chat about what we might like to do for the summer.  Janan suggested that we try to do activity based stuff rather than reading (we’re all reading a lot now aren’t we!).  One thought was to make murals, zines or teaching manifestos – things that we could do in the time of FJ and that don’t require a lot of prep.

I’m attaching the link to the google doc here in case folk want to fill in the schedule with more ideas for activities or other that might be fun to do together –

I will also bring in some mural paper and leave it in Rm. 4.16 for FJ use –

Hugs! Hugs!

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23rd April – Meeting Roundup

We just had a small but very enjoyable meeting today, with a catch up on our work and what was going on.
Talk of chapter drafts completed, plans being made, and research dilemmas to be negotiated!
Next weeks meeting is currently unassigned in our document – so suggestions for topics welcome?! It might also be nice to have another catch-up and research go-around to see how everyone is getting on, or even a walk-in-the-meadows second half!

Happy Monday folks!!


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Donna Haraway Reading for 16th April Femjoy!

We’re reading  Haraway, Donna J. (1997) ‘The Virtual Speculum in the New World Order’, Feminist Review 55: 22-72

Come at 2pm for catchup and chat, and 2.30pm for a more focussed discussion of the above.   Feel free to come for one, the other, or both parts! If you don’t have time to read the article- the abstract is below, and you’ll still be able to join the discussion!  Abstract:

Beginning by reading a 1992 feminist appropriation of Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam – in a cartoon in which the finger of a nude Adamic woman touches a computer keyboard, while the god-like VDT screen shows a disembodied fetus – ‘Virtual Speculum’ argues for a broader conception of ‘new reproductive technologies’ in order to foreground justice and freedom projects for differently situated women in the New World Order. Broadly conceptualized reproductive practices must be central to social theory in general, and to technoscience studies in particular. Tying together the politics of self help and women’s health movements in the United States in the 1970s with positions on reproductive freedom articulated within the Legal Defense and Educational Fund of the NAACP in the 1990s, the paper examines recent work in feminist science studies in several disciplinary and activist locations. Statistical analysis and ethnography emerge as critical feminist technologies for producing convincing representations of the reproduction of inequality. Untangling the semiotic and political-economic dialectics of invisibility and hypervisibility, ‘Virtual Speculum’ concludes by linking the well-surveyed amniotic fluid of on-screen fetuses and the off-frame diarrhea of uncounted and underfed infants in regimes of flexible accumulation and structural adjustment.

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A ‘Teaching/Learning Workshop’ Update

We had a productive chat on Monday about the possibilities of running a workshop – or workshops – on teaching and learning this summer.  There were lots of thoughts about pedagogy, our own needs as teachers and learners, as well as what we might like to do with a ‘workshop’.  Here are some of the thoughts we had … Continue reading

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A workshop on learning and teaching!

On Monday this coming week (March 19th) we thought we’d talk a little bit about our plans for a workshop on teaching and learning/learning and teaching.  Most of us are pretty passionate about creating transformative learning spaces.  It would be wonderful if we could harness some of that experience and use it to create new tools and supports for one another.  There is a rough proposal in the works.  It can be downloaded here: Learning and Teaching Workshops

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Abortion: a panel debate and Q&A co-hosted with Ed Uni Life Soc

Event this Thursday – hosted by the Edinburgh Uni Feminist Society (EUFS) Tickets are £2

Thurs 1st March, 19.15-21.00, Appleton Tower Lecture Theatre 5, Crichton St

So – we’ve decided to engage the Ed Uni Life Society! We’re hosting a short showcase debate followed by an open forum discussion a la the BBCs Question Time.

Pro-choice? Pro-life? Undecided?

Across the world, abortion remains a cultural, religious, moral – and sometimes legal – morass. Even within the UK, and especially between Britain and Northern Ireland, the framework and rhetoric of the debate changes frequently.

Our Panellists:

Professor Dr Wendy Savage: obstetrician, gynaecologist and former press officer for Doctors for a Woman’s Choice on Abortion

Breedagh Hughes: Northern Ireland Board Secretary, Royal College of Midwives

(their panellists):

Professor Dr Calum MacKellar: Visiting Professor of Bioethics at St. Mary’s University College, Twickenham

Elaine Gallcher: Education Officer, Cardinal Winning Pro-Life Initiative

If you would like to submit a question in advance of the event please fill out the form on Otherwise – come along and make use of the roving mics!

£2 tickets are available in advance here:

Roll up!

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Innovative Learning Week – some impressions from our zine-making workshop

This gallery contains 8 photos.

Thanks to everyone who participated in today’s workshop, it was great fun! This is what happens when you use glitter and glue to reflect on the current education system and to dream about the future:

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